Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Weigh In Post That Almost Wasn't

I'm here to tell you that the "funk" that I talked about yesterday has GOT TO GO!! It will but I may need help...

I got on the scale this morning and I knew it wouldn't be pretty but I had no idea how "UNPRETTY" it would be. In fact before weighing I thought..."its not challenge week I will just skip weighing". I knew I would not be happy with the number on the scale but I didn't really want to face up to it. I just wanted to sit there and "pretend" it wouldn't be that bad. I wanted to just sit here and be in a funk not really thinking about what the funk was doing to me or my household.

But I got on that scale and almost barfed at the number on it...and then I had a couple of decisions to make: 1) own up to eating was BAD this week, my exercise was less than full force, and I haven't really given much thought to my overall well being; or 2) I could ignore it and pretend "it" (the bad eating, lack or quality exercise and ensuing weight gain) didn't exist.

Well the Ann of last year would have just blown it off and pretended it didn't exist, but I AM DIFFERENT I'm going to OWN UP TO IT!! So here goes, and let me warn you if you think Frado's (from Biggest Loser) gain was huge last week I have a shock for you!!

Last week's weigh in: 193.4
Today's weigh in: 200 now that that embarrassment is over with let me tell you today is a new day and next week when Wednesday's new challenge rolls around I will not be anywhere near that 200 number! I will be eating and drinking right, getting enough sleep and plenty of healthy-good-for-me exercise! I will continue tracking my food (I have been doing this just not paying attention to the fact that EVERY DAY I have WAY exceeded my calorie goal)! It doesn't really make much sense to track your food if every day you go WAY over your calorie count, now does it?

I have been doing the C25K training run/walks, but that is all I have been doing this week for exercise and that's going to change starting today. I have already done my run for today but tonight I am going to do some kind of additional exercise for no less than 30 minutes...I'm thinking EA Sports More Active or maybe I will let Jillian kick my butt with The Shred since I obviously need someone to kick my butt and get me moving in the right direction again.

Starting today I will be eating 5 fruits/veggies a day, not drinking sodas and eating only the foods that I know I should be eating - not eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at midnight or polishing off a bag of chips my son is done with and pretending it won't matter! that is my pledge to you, my readers, my Sisters and myself! Please help me during my renewed committment!! I will pull through this week and be a better woman for it!!


*Lissa* said...

Okay, so ouch. That sucks, yes. But I have no doubt that you will turn this around and commit 100%. Why? Because you are Ann and you rock!


Brooke said...

first off - i seriously doubt you consumed 24,500 extra calories last week. which is what it would take for you to have gained 7 pounds of fat. so i'm sure you've got some water retention and stuff going on too.

but that doesn't change the fact that you need to be eating better. i'm guilty of it too. you are awesome and like lissa said you will kick this into high gear.

Adah said...

you took the first step and owned what you were doing take that next step to change those bad things. You can do it!!

runnin_mama2_4 said...

yep, that was a rough one, but you did the right thing. Can't move on and change our ways until we recognize what we don't like about today. Don't worry we'll rock this challenge!

imadramamama said...

I'm going to make a prediction that you're having a false gain. I have no doubt that it'll come off sooner rather than later!

Tracie said...

Thanks for the offer to motivate each other. I'm definitely going to need it during this time of the year. This is where I fell apart last year.

A gain always sucks. With renewed determination the number will go down. It was also probably an inflated gain.