Monday, May 12, 2008

Before the Prom Pictures....

This year was That Kid's 2nd time to attend the Christian Homeschool Prom. Last year he had a girlfriend/a prom date, and had a miserable time....this year he didn't have a girlfriend/date and had a BLAST. He was ok with that as A LOT of the kids attending the Prom attend in groups of friends and just "hang out" with everyone. The Prom is a BIG DEAL and is top-notch! The parents that participate in putting this together are FABULOUS! They know their stuff.

My friend, and That Kid's bff's mom, hired a professional photographer to get some great prom pictures taken of her girls and we tagged along, since I'm always game for some great pictures of my kids....especially when he is all dressed up! He looked "snazzy" and the girls looked BEAUTIFUL. That Kid felt honored to be photographed with such beautiful young women, especially since they could have just said no...we don't want you in our pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites that I took with my own camera. The young woman in blue is his bff and the young woman in peach is her younger sister.

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