Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Still Alive!!!

just extremely busy since I got home Monday night. I did laundry for what seemed like days just to catch up on what we used over the weekend. Then the week held doctor's appointments, a pre-planned play date, a trip to Six Flags over Texas for Homeschool Day, and the annual Homeschool Bookfair. Of course, we squeezed in a Mother's Day lunch (Saturday) and a Ranger's Baseball game this afternoon! That is, in short, my week since I've been home.

My trip to Kansas was fun...I have pictures and video to share when I get a few more minutes, because we had a great time with family and celebrated my niece's 4th birthday. That Other Kid had a wonderful time, playing with his cousins, jumping on the trampoline, "mowing" the grass, riding his bike, and playing at the park! Needless to say, I am exhausted!!

Thanks to all the prayers that have gone out my dad is doing better than ever expected with NO side effects from the radiation and chemo treatments. He's walking 2 miles a day and he kicked my butt walking the track at the local rec center he walks at every day. I could barely walk 1 mile, and it was embarrassing and humbling as well as pleasing that he is doing so well!!

That Kid's trip to Utah was informative and beneficial to his referee future. He was in a classroom setting for a huge hunk of time Friday, did a power skate that he said was HARD (but then again he hasn't skated till that weekend for about 6 weeks), then did another classroom time on Saturday morning. Then he was assigned to work 3 games all Midget Major AA level -- which is the level he PLAYS -- and he isn't supposed to be able to ref yet! He worked these high level games with as much skill as he could, and was criticized and praised by high level officials. He did well and learned tons that he can apply to games here in the metroplex...I'm so proud!

I got pictures back from the Prom and pictures back from the photo shoot that That Other Kid won that I also need to post. But those will take time, too so they must wait for me to get a little more caught up around here. I have school work to grade and get caught up on and that is my next goal. There is only a few more weeks left and then we go to VERY limited schoolwork for the summer. But before the summer break That Kid will be preparing for the June 7th SAT test.

So much to little time!!!!

Hope all is well in your world....

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