Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Today has been a typical HOT, Texas afternoon, but I didn't have the luxery of sitting around in my nice comfy air conditioning...

About 3 weeks ago, before the heat set in here in Texas, That Other Kid found 2 bags of water balloon that I had left over from a previous year's birthday party for That Kid. He asked about them, so I told them they were water balloons for HOT days! He could hardly wait for a hot day...Today was the day! He found them again and BEGGED to play water balloon fight with me. Where is That Kid when you need him??

Ok, I agreed to fill up 1 bag of the balloons with water and we would have a balloon fight. I told him to go put his swimsuit on and we would go outside and play with them. It took all of 5 minutes to explode all 30 of these balloons and I made sure he didn't really get too wet...I wasn't sure how he would react to be pounded with water. After this was done, he wanted to do the OTHER bag. I refused, and made him mad!

Then he remembered our gym has a swimming pool! Let's go swimming at the gym! I wasn't too sure about it, as it really hasn't been that hot yet. I like my swimming pools to be pretty warm before I swim, not to mention I wish I was at least 50 pounds skinnier. He continued to negotiate/beg and I gave in. We went and had a GREAT time! The water wasn't too cool and he actually let me take him into the water deep enough to get my whole body wet, not just his!

We had a great afternoon of memory making activities, and I want to try to have as many of these as possible, since I know soon he'll be all grown up and wanting to hang out at the gym/pool with girls, not mommy, like That Kid!

Tomorrow That Other Kid and I will go see DH's step mom and hang out with her and some of her family....more memories in the making!

Hope your weekend is full of memory making activities!