Friday, May 23, 2008

Growing Up Is Hard on Momma

Two months tomorrow my "baby" will be an adult! I don't know how to deal with this reality. I still want my baby who sat on my lap at naptime and bedtime and listened to me read Dr. Suess' Cat In the Hat or other silly rhyming books. He would laugh when I tickled him and he would make me laugh so hard I cryed.

Last night I laid in my bed waiting for the midnight curfew I had given him to arrive, then ran for my cell phone to answer it just a little before midnight. He was lost in a part of town he wasn't familiar with, but his friend guided him to get him where he could find the highway. He was calling to say he would be home soon. About 20 minutes later I heard the garage door open and waited for him to come in the house....and I waited....and waited....and waited. About 20 minutes later I went to see what was going on! He was on the cell phone!!! He finally came in about 1 a.m. and it really hit me, he's growing up. Soon he'll be a "grown up" in my little kids body....although he hasn't had the body of a little boy in a LONG TIME. As I told him yesterday, he'll always be my little boy...even after he is 18 -- 2 months, 1 day, and 6 hours and 15 minutes from now!!

What's a momma to do?? I need my little boy to stay my little boy a little longer!!

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