Friday, May 2, 2008

A Quick Update

Just a quick update tonight/this morning as I get ready to leave to go visit mom and dad in the morning. I still have laundry to finish, dishes to do, pet food and medicine to get ready, and a den to clean up so if the landlords come in they don't freak!

Dad's radiation is going well. I'm looking forward to seeing him and make sure for myself! My niece turns 4 this weekend, so we get to celebrate with the family. That Other Kid is looking forward to spending time with his cousins and playing non-stop with kids for the next few days.

Meanwhile, dh and That Kid are in Utah for a USA hockey official developmental camp. DH is taking a working vacation staying a Marriott hotel in a King size bed by himself instead of sharing a queen size bed with me and sometimes That Other Kid, while That Kid will be on ice about 20 hours over the next 3 days and being evaluated so that he can advance in the ranks of officating.

It looks to be a good weekend!! Hope yours is good....and if I get bored maybe I'll check in.

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