Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are You Still Here?

I am....I've just been busy enjoying the beginning of our summer! Let me start off saying -- we had A GREAT TIME this Sunday at my (step)mother-in-law's house! (Sounds weird, huh?) Oh well, I'm weird and you guys have probably already figured that out....

We left our house around 10:30 (which is later than I had planned, but that is nothing new for me). Once on the road things were going well, That Other Kid was watching a movie, till we got about half way there, when he proceeded to lose his breakfast ALL OVER HIMSELF, including his clothes. I forgot -- my kids get car sick, just like I used to do! He did this several more times, with several close calls. After several delays to clean up vomit and change clothes, which for some strange reason we had a pair of shorts and a couple of sweatshirts in the car. We stopped at Walmart in the town where grandma lives and got a couple of acceptable "summer clothes". He vomited one more time -- in her yard! Then he was fine the rest of the day...go figure! He even ate a bagel right before we left and had no problems keeping it down!

We met lots of relatives and had a nice visit with everyone. That Other Kid got to go FISHING!!! for the first time and he caught his first FISH....he was sooooo HAPPY you could hear him screaming all the way up at the house! I didn't think to bring the camera down to the lake, of course....but I did get a picture with my phone. I just have to figure out how to put it on the computer!!!

The rest of the day was uneventful....and we came home with NO more vomiting, yeah!! And an hour nap!!! but of course that meant he wouldn't go to sleep till 11:30 p.m.!!

Monday, we just laid around and watched tv, did laundry, and all those fun things!! I did fix burgers and hot dogs on the that was nice. I need to do that more....they tasted really good.

Yesterday was a BIG day for was Allergy Testing Day and CT Scan Day! After that I got my hair done....before my hairdresser leaves for a month to take care of her momma...say a prayer for her.
Her momma had a stroke a few years ago and is not doing well. It will be a LONG month for her and she's gonna need all the prayers she can get to stay strong enough to care for her 24/7 for a month.

Anywhoooo, allergy testing confirmed I have A LOT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGIES....Burmuda grass (in my front yard), OAK (in my back yard), Ragweed, Marshelder, Pigweed, Lambs Quarter -- all weeds, which I'm sure all reside in my yard! Dustmites -- no wonder I hate to dust, huh?, and the saddest DOGS. Fortunately, they are going to concoct a medicine for me to take every day so that I don't feel like I'm going to die in my own house/yard! This should help with my allergy problems so I'll feel better...

I will find out the results of the CT Scan next Tuesday when I see the ENT again. I am hoping for some definitive answers then. I have a feeling those answers will mean surgery, but I am prepared to go through surgery to finally feel well enough to function like a normal person again. Right now I struggle with breathing through my nose so bad I snore at night and can hardly breathe well enough to do the most basic of outdoor activities, like walking a mile -- from Sonic to my house! I did it this afternoon and was so exhausted and winded when I got home all I could do is SIT!!

I want to get moving again, so I can shed this excess weight. But I know that is a process...and I'm moving in the right direction!

I heard from my dad last night and he is doing well with his radiation and chemo treatments. He has the rest of this week and next, then he will see the doctor, who will determine when his surgery will be. Please pray for his continued strength. He is doing so well, he is walking 2 miles a day and feels good!! I'm soooo thankful that God the Father is taking care of my father!

Well that's it for now....hope all is well with you!

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