Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bit of a Funk....

Things are stressful right now, so I'm in a bit of a funk. Once again I didn't make it to the gym to weigh myself yesterday and it doesn't look like I'm going to make it there today either, so I'm going to go with the weight that I was on Saturday morning, which is an ok loss for this week!

Weigh-in last Thursday: 199.10
Weigh-in Saturday: 198.8

Yeah!! That's more than a pound in a period of 3 days! I'll take it! That means as of Saturday I have gone from 199.9 to 203.9 back down to 198.8 so we'll call it 5 pounds lost, k?? So I will be donating 5 pounds of non-perisable food to the local food back, as of Saturday!! I'm counting on at least 5 more pounds...

I'm sure someone will appreciate my math!!

How'd your week go??

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Brooke said...

i'm very sure that the food bank recepients will very much appreciate your math!! :)

a book i read earlier in the week said "whatever you focus on increases" - so focus on a 5 pound loss and watch it increase! :) not because of some mind over matter mystisim, but because your positive thoughts will push you forward into success!