Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week2 Weigh In 30 Day Challenge

Today is weigh in day and I'd like to say I had a great week with lot's of weight loss, but I would be lying.
Last week I was at 199.9! I was so happy to see that number under 200! This week I weighed in at 202.10 how did that happen?
How can I gain 3 pounds in 1 week while still exercising and eating well? I don't get it! I'm very bummed, but I know it's not going to keep me down! It's a process and I will get where I want to be!
So I will start watching what I'm eating, drinking, and how I'm working out. I need to make sure my workouts are intense enough and maybe even longer!

I am loving the challenge with the Wii Active. I like how it changes every day and it gives me days off occasionally! I also love how it motivates me, although the trainer does get annoying by the end of the workout.

What I HATE about the workout is the RUNNIng, but that's because I HATE running and I'm slow so they criticize me every time.

Anyway, today starts a new week and better determination to get this weight off!


Heather D said...

Are you doing weight watchers right now? If not, I'd encourage you to track your food. That's what was messing me up. If you don't want to spend $$ on WW, try Spark's free!
PS. Pretty soon Christy's going to have to make you a 30 pound button! Woot!

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

Girl, I will make you a pimped out, customized 30# button when you're ready for it! For real. I'm so proud of how far you've come, so don't let this little set back get you down, okay! You CAN do this! You've already been doing it with success!!!

YOU are a rockstar!!!

april said...

Christy's right! You're a rockstar!!! And I cannot wait to see a 30# button on your blog!

Anonymous said...

You can do this. You can. Just pick yourself up tomorrow and you weill be getting that 30# button before you know it.

Brooke said...

either its a fluke (water fluctation or something) and you'll see a difference next week. or its for real and something's getting overlooked. either way i'm sure you'll get it ironed out soon and be back in the 190s!!