Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday on Thursday!!

Yesterday was a crazy, mixed up day and I never made it over to the gym for my weekly weigh in with the Sisterhood. I can't remember the last time I missed a weigh in on Wednesday but the way things have been going the past couple of weeks it was inevitable that it would eventually happen. I took dh to his new contract job leaving our house at 6:30 a.m. and came home to catch up on some sleep. I slept until 10:45 and then left to hang out at the park with some other desperate homeschooling moms (it's been raining here for 7 days straight and we all had little children who needed to burn energy!)till 2:30. After leaving the park we grabbed a quick lunch, sold some CD's that had been collecting dust in my house for years, then went to karate! From there we came home to change clothes and the cat's sandbox!! ugh!! Then we went to run a couple more errands before picking dh up from work at 8 p.m.!! We got home, showered, got ready for bed....and collapsed!!

I did manage to exercise last night -- although I didn't start till nearly 11 p.m.! I am really LOVING working out with the Wii Active!! It's something different every night and challenging enough to get my heart beating and my body sweating! I have also added the Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred to my workout regimen, although I have missed several days of it. I'm on level 2 and it's kicking my b*tt every night! However, it feels good to workout and sweat and burn off more poundage!

So....anyway! My numbers...

Starting this challenge -- 199.9
Last week -- 202.10

Today -- 199.9

So I'm right back where I started from but I did manage to lose what weight I gained the previous week, so I'm happy about that! I think it must have been water weight or hormones or something weird!! Whatever it was I'm happy to be back UNDER 200 again, where I belong!! So I'm donating 3 pounds of food to the local food bank with a happy dance!! **** ~~~~~

Hope ya'll did well this week and if you didn't -- don't sweat it!! Just adjust what you did this past week so that you continue to go down!!

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