Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Capture -- Something New

This week's challenge for the You Capture photo meme was to photograph something you have never photographed before.

I'm not real orignal when it comes to taking pictures so this was more challenging than I thought it would be. What is something that I haven't taken a picture of? Well most of my pictures are of my boys or something that they do. This one does fit that category, but I've never taken a picture of That Other Kid playing a computer game for KINDERGARTEN! ya go!!

He is soaking up all the "learning" going on around long as it's something he WANTS to do! Today we started working on some phonics and I got a bit of resistance, but it was pretty minor compared to what I dealt with with That Kid! I struggled a bit with getting him to sit for story time today so we just moved on to something else...MATH is his favorite subject and as I said on Facebook today, what is wrong with this kid?? I can't even imagine loving math the way he does and he is great at it, too, which probably helps considerably!

So....anywho...go back to Beth's site and check out all the other "different things" that people are taking pictures of!

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Heather of the EO said...

Good for him for loving math...I still avoid it :)

So nice to "meet" you,