Friday, September 11, 2009

This Month's Pictures

You may or may not remember but I have taking pictures of myself to watch the process of my weight loss in a visual format and today is picture takin' day. I have gotten to the point where I actually look forward to this bit of visual stimulation. It helps me SEE what I have done in the past month. For me this almost as important as seeing the numbers on the scale going down. So without further delay....

this is last month -- August 11

and this is today -- September 11

I can actually see these pants sagging at the b*tt and legs! And is it me or does my b*tt actually look smaller in today's picture?? When I first started working out I couldn't wear these pants comfortably. The shirt is still snug around the stomach but it's not as much as it was several months ago. I am amazed at the amount of stretch my clothes had to do just so I could wear them!

Anywho...I just thought I would show you the progress I've made...although I still have much more to go I'm seeing some real results! In other news, tonight was my "rest" night in the Wii Active 30 Day Challenge so I did the WiiFit Hula for the first time in about 2 weeks...boy did I lose a lot of momentum! I also have been working out using Jillian's 30 Day Shred and tonight was the first night of Level 2! Man that is a killer....I still struggle to keep up with some of the cardio workouts and I did a good part of tonight's workout following Anita (for beginners) but it felt good to push myself and sweat!! Now my muscles are sore and tired and I need to go take a shower and go to bed...maybe it'll only be 12:30 tonight instead of my "as of late" 1:00 a.m.!!

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