Sunday, September 20, 2009

Word of Advice

If you are doing the WiiActive 30 Day Challenge with the Sisterhood and for whatever reason have to take 2 nights off in a row, DO NOT try to do the HIGH intensity level! I was not able to workout in the evenings the past 2 nights due to scheduling complications. On Thursday night I bumped my intensity up from medium to high and did OK. I was sore, but not in a "I'm gonna die" way. Then I had to take Friday night and Saturday night off. Tonight I didn't really think much about it and just got started as it was set up for High Intensity --- OUCH!! My legs hurt, my b*tt hurts, my arms hurt!! Maybe it would not have been so bad but there were a TON of LUNGES tonight and a 4 hour kick back walk around the track (not really but it seemed like it)!! Oh my gosh, I hurt!!

Now I'm going to try to do my 30 Day Shred routine with Jillian. I'm on Level 2 and it still kicks my b*tt every night, so tomorrow if you don't hear from me, maybe I never got out of bed, cuz I couldn't move my legs!!

Hope ya'll had a productive weekend!!

Edited *** I didn't Shred after all!! By the time I was ready, my legs were hurting so I went to bed and got almost 8 hours of sleep even though I stayed up late exercising and catching up on some of my favorite blogs!!

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Anonymous said...

Was it Day 11?? I did Day 11 today and was CUSSING at the TV for having to do 2 laps of FAST kickbacks!!