Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weigh In - End of WiiActive Challenge

Today is Weigh In Day over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans so this morning AFTER breakfast (yes, I always weigh myself after breakfast, but with lightweight clothes and flip flops on)I went over to the gym to weigh myself. I wasn't real sure what my numbers were going to be this morning. I have been pretty stressed out, but I have been pretty consistent with the exercising and pretty good with the food with the exception of the brownie smidges I have been grabbing every morning...ya know chocolate helps the day get started....right???

I started this Shrink For Good -- Lose for Good weighing in at 199.9, moved up to 202.10 then back down. So what was today going to show me??

I jumped on the scale and read the numbers and was very PLEASED -- 197.7!!
OMG, those numbers are finally coming down!! I have 2 more pounds to go before I am officially at 30 pounds lost! and maybe by then I can really squeeze into a size 14...please??!!

I have been working out with the other women with the Wii Active and tonight is my Day 30. This has been fun and challenging. Some days are more challenging and some days not so bad. It has been good for me, cuz it has offered some flexibility and this past month I have really needed that flexibility.

I have also added in the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, although I really haven't been able to be very consistent with it. I started the Level 3 on Monday night so I'm about 7 days behind on it. I'm going to go ahead and work with it to the end. I have found that I really have improved ALOT! I'm doing alot more of the exercises with NATALIE!! I still can't do "full blown sit-ups" so I have just been doing crunches.

Anyway -- because of my weight gain during week 2 I am calling my weight loss 4.4 pounds for this challenge, so far. My goal is to lose AT LEAST 2 more pounds so that by the end of the Lose for Good challenge I can be at a total of 30 pounds lost since March 25!

Hope ya'll are having a good week!!


Christy - The Sisterhood said...

WAY TO GO, ANN!!!!!! I'm so freaking proud of you, girl!! You'll hit that 30 pound mark before you know it!!!!


april said...

Look at you go! Great job!!

Brooke said...

you're doing great!!! :) we'll have to break out the calorie free bubbly for the 30 pound mark!