Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Tuesday Confession Time!

Confessions time over at the Sisterhood

Ok...so I have both good confessions and bad confessions! So let's start with the good confessions...that will make the bad ones seem less bad, right??

** I ran/walked my first 5k this weekend and I had the best support system there for me...I did it in a time of 48:28 and I placed 22/28 in my age category. Not too shabby for someone who hasn't run outside in over 30 years, imho!

** I ate well/drank well to prepare for the race. No sodas. Lots of good healthy food. Lots of fruits/veggies.

** I have drank LOTS of water and only 1 soda over the past 7 days. For me that is huge! Traveling always brings out the soda drinking demons in me! I did well in that regard...even with a friend giving me a case of soda for our trip!

** I get to participate in my very first TWORKOUT tonight! I'm both excited and nervous! It will probably not be easy since I also have to get That Other Kid to bed during this time, but hey at least I will get to do it!

Now...for the bad...

** I apparently pulled some muscles in my hip/IT Band this weekend while running! I'm having problems just walking this week! Tried to run with That Other Kid in our parking lot this morning and thought I was going to cry from the pain! Can't wait to see chiropractor tomorrow!

** After the race Saturday I went to my favorite Mexican food place and ate almost a whole entree by myself! I don't know that I have ever done that! Their portions are just ridiculously huge! I usually share or leave half for later...

** After devouring that huge burro I also ate this awesome fried dessert with cheesecake filling and a scoop of ice cream!

** I haven't eaten very much that's good for me since I got back into town.

** I'm afraid I have let both my Tribe and myself down with this week's eating indiscretions.

Hopefully my confessions will not only cleanse my soul but help me lose some weight between now and tomorrow morning when I weigh in!! I can dream, right??

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Christy M. said...

Two words: FOAM ROLLER. For you IT band issues. Seriously. It saved my legs/knee while I was training for my first 1/2.

I'm so proud of you. BUT OMG, stay away from the burros and fried Mexican desserts :P