Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Week's Weigh In....

a bit disappointing but not terribly surprising....does that make sense??

I haven't had a BAD week just have had a hard time staying focused (I guess Christy said it best when she said she was in a bit of a "funk" this week. ME TOO!!) on what is truly important when it comes to eating right. You know eating fruits and veggies, drinking tons of water (although I have done above and beyond that), staying away from the fast food, and other restaurants. For some reason we have eaten out alot over the past week and that has been bad for the "eating right" lifestyle and the checkbook. Gotta change that! I have also had a few cokes...I guess I just wanted something to drink besides water all the time...and I KNOW THOSE HAVE TO GO....that is my biggest culprit to gaining weight and I'm not going to fall to those bad habits AGAIN.

So here are the results of my weigh in this morning.

Starting this challenge at: 206.6

Last week's weigh in: 196.6

This week's weigh in: 196.4

My goal for this challenge is to weighh 195 or I still have over 1 pound to go and only 2 weeks to do it in...time to get moving downward!

So....Technically I did lose weight this week, but I don't know if counting .2 pounds is really fair to say "I lost weight", but I will take it for what it is and accept that if I want to make my weight go DOWN ALOT I have to stay away from eating out, and drinking cokes, and I need to inhale tons of fruits/veggies and I need to bust my tail on the exercise front! I did do something I am proud of this week...I participated in the #Exposed movement and I am happy that I did that. I will be able to look back at these photos next year and see what a difference 1 year can make!! I am also able to look at these pictures and see the GOOD things my body can and has done and that is worth all the mental anguish I endured before I hit publish!

I also got in a whopping 577 minutes of exercise in the 6 days of this challenge!! Whoohooo!!

And a special shout out to my tribe mates! Tribe Green has logged some AWESOME numbers this week...facing numerous health issues and injuries we still kicked some serious booty!! Go Green!!


april said...

You can do it, Ann! I know you can!

Greenaragua said...

You can totally do this Ann! And a loss is a loss! You are going the right direction! We are lucky to have you on the Green Team! ~Heather

imadramamama said...

I know in my heart of hearts that you will reach your challenge goal, Ann. You can do this!