Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Confession Time...AGAIN

Before I start this post I just want to tell everyone that I really appreciate all the loving comments that I got on my last post! Putting that post together was one of the most difficult things I have ever put out there but it was also one of the most liberating! I feel like I can now look at myself as I am TODAY and be happy with what I see...not just looking at the things I want to change. I can hardly wait for next year when I can look back at this post and compare the two!!

True Confessions

Now...onto the purpose of today...confession time! I really don't have that much too confess this week for the Sisterhood...although I would like to publicly admit that I have been less than stellar in the eating right and getting enough fruits/veggies department.

But...I am TRYING to eat in moderation and get fruits/veggies in.

When I am stressed out I don't really consider what I am putting in my mouth...until I LOG it into my Ipod's Lose It program...then I think, "OH NO!! I just consumed WAAAAY too many calories!" That has happened a couple of times this week and I'm hoping that it doesn't hurt me tomorrow on the scales!

I have been logging some seriously crazy minutes/hours of exercise this week for the Shrinkvivor challenge (which is probably the only thing that will save me tomorrow during the weigh in!). I guess it's a good thing the physical challenge for this week was to log minutes or I would be in deep trouble.

I went out yesterday and did some exercising with That Other Kid for our PE class (remember we homeschool and even homeschoolers need to have PE!!) One of the things I wanted to do was give running a try AGAIN! My hip is feeling somewhat more normal and I want to try running when I can outside so when I sign up for my next 5K I will be READY to truly run it....so I told him that we were going to RUN to the mail box center and back. So off we start...he is running A LOT faster than I am, but that's ok...he's YOUNG and fit...me not so much!, but before long he is "poofed out" and I'm still going strong! We get down to the mail box and I pull out the mail and start back again...I tell him to run but not too far ahead. I am running along and before I know it we are back in front of our apt. I look at my watch and see that we had been gone about 9 1/2 minutes! I RAN 9 MINUTES!! It felt good to be running again (even though it was slow) and not totally exhausted! I went back and measured the distance and figure that it was somewhere around .3 miles round trip...slow and steady will prepare me for my next race!!

That's it for tonight...happy Tuesday!!

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