Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothing Much To Confess!

For a change I don't really have much to confess for the Sisterhood. Things have been going pretty smoothly.

I could stand to up my fruits/veggie consumption a little bit (read; more consistently).

For the non-physical challenge this week for the Shrinkvivor challenge I am supposed to be aware of my trans-fat consumption. I have to say that for the most part (as long as I am eating at home) about the only trans-fats I eat are in peanut butter, so I have decided I am going to give Almond Butter a try, because I do love to eat peanut butter with apples and for an occasional pb&j! I will let you know what my taste buds think of it!

I have been putting in many, many miles daily of exercise so that has been GREAT! Last night I slacked off but I really wanted to get the laundry done and my vlog done!

I am drinking more than 100 ounces of water a day and when I find I am a lacking my water I start feeling so thirsty! Must be good for me, right?!!

I could also stand to get off the friggin' computer a little earlier in the evening and not spend so much of my "free time" there during the day as well.

But, I am finally finding my routine and getting things accomplished both for ME and for my household....I am getting the laundry washed, dryed and FOLDED within 24 hours! (This is a seriously BIG deal in my house!) I am exercising consistently again and I am staying away from the "junk" that caused my weight demise! We are even getting around to doing school and seeing friends on a consistent basis!

I even did my very first vlog last night so that I could enter a give away to go to FitBloggin in May with all my sisters!! The sound is too low so crank up the volume and listen to the reasons I want to go to FitBloggin 11!!

Hope your confessions for the week are good ones...and if they aren't then don't sweat it....just confess and MOVE ON!!


Kim said...

what a great job you are doing!!! keep it up!

thanks for visiting & commenting on my race blog!

*Lissa* said...

Folding AND putting away laundry within 24 hours?? You are my hero!!

Congrats on an awesome week!