Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Break From The Regularly Scheduled Blubber

Tonight I come to you with a serious and humbling request. Melissa (my friend and sister from the Sisterhood) has 4 children. One of them, a 7 year old boy, has decided that what he wants for CHRISTMAS this year is to donate money so that under-developed (and undeveloped) countries can have clean water. He is donating his own personal money (and money he raises) and money that would be spent on gifts to this organization so that these countries and kids can have CLEAN WATER!

Now, I don't know about you but this just makes me tear up something fierce. That Other Kid will be 7 in just under 2 months so basically Bridger and That Other Kid are the same age and all TOK can talk about lately is what he wants for his birthday and Christmas. He wants this Lego set or that one. He wants this HotWheels set and this video game and this movie. I'm tellin' you it is making me nauseated to listen to all his "give me, give me, give me". I realize he's a kid and he wants new stuff. We all do, and I'm sure Bridger would love to have some new toys too but he is willing to put all his "wants" on the line so that these people can have CLEAN WATER! That makes me sooooo stinkin' proud of this kid I have never even met! Just makes me want to cry!

Ya know...if I want clean water I just go to the faucet and turn it on and viola there is clean water. Or since our water doesn't meet my "perfect" drinking water standards I go to buy bottled water that has been "purified" for my drinking pleasure!

But, these people don't even have water that is worthy of bathing in, or doing their laundry in...and that is what Bridger is trying to change. So will you help Bridger help others? I will!! And maybe, just maybe I can convince That Other Kid to help out too....ya know maybe a little good peer pressure!

BB's clean water project

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*Lissa* said...

Awwwww, thank you SO MUCH, Ann!! This means a lot to me (and Bridger).

Funny story: BB's twin brother got MAD at him for deciding he wanted people to donate instead of buy him presents. REALLY MAD. I think it is starting to rub off a bit on him now though. :)