Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shrinkvivor Weigh In #4

Wednesday once again brings weigh in at the Sisterhood. This is weigh in #4 for the Shrinkvivor Challenge and I was almost afraid to hop on the scales this morning. After all the (not so good for me)food I have eaten the past week, traveling, and not being able to really "exercise" a whole lot I really didn't know what the scales would indicate. But since weighing in is the major part of this challenge it is what I had to do. I was slightly excited! Not overly excited, but happy that the number was less than last week!

Beginning weigh in for this challenge: 206.6

Last week: 198.6
This week: 198.2

YES!! That is a loss! Not big, but the number is indeed smaller! and that is the key here, right? I've lost over 8 pounds since September 15 and I'm happy about that loss!

Today starts a new day/week...with lots of fruits/veggies, NO fast food, and LOTS of water! Not to mention whatever Christy and Melissa come up with for this week!

I'm excited to see the physical challenge, too. So far they have really pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. I just finished my first 5K, I logged a run of 14:11 this week. I have logged some serious minutes of exercise, not to mention MILES during this challenge!! I have exercised consistently over the past 21 days only taking rest days that were necessary for healing from this weekend.
I participated in my first Tworkout last night with April, too! That was fun/challenging and really good for me!

Tribe Green (the best tribe out there, ijs) has won immunity 2 weeks in a row! We have developed a great bond and we are pulling for one another daily! Can we win 3 weeks in a row? Only time will tell!!


runnin_mama2_4 said...

Awesome job!! A loss is a loss! It's all going the right direction! And 8 lbs since 9/15?! WOW!! All these changes you are making are AWESOME!!

Brooke said...

great job - an 8 pound loss over less than a month? incredible!! keep plugging away ann!

Tracie said...

A loss is a loss. Great job this week!

Roo said...

Over 8 lbs in less than a month???? That's awesome! So proud of you!

erin said...

a loss is a loss is a loss! congrats on being a loser! hehe...great week, girl! <3

Trish said...

What an awesome week! I agree a loss is a loss and it's all down hill from here ;)

Tami @ said...

Hey, a loss is a loss and it sure counts! Keep it up!

Here's my post:

Anonymous said...

Ann, I am so proud of how you have turned everything around and are on the way down again! You are doing awesome!

Hope said...

Congrats on 8 lbs loss. Every pound counts! Keep up the good work!