Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Special Request...

I have a problem and I'm coming to my "extended family" for help. ;(

In just 30 days, December 16th "My Marine" will be graduating from Marine bootcamp in San Diego, Camp Pendleton, CA. It is one of those events in life that can never be duplicated. We want to go celebrate this wonderful accomplishment in his life. We want to support him and cheer him on. That Other Kid and I are looking forward to attending the graduation celebration. We want to attend BUT plane tickets are so expensive right now from Dallas to San Diego.

Here's my request -- does anyone have "buddy passes" or "miles" that we can use? We need 2 plane tickets, round trip from Dallas to San Diego sometime in the area of December 14 - December 16/17th. We are flexible with travel times but definitely need to be there on December 15th and 16th.

I know this is a big request but I desperately want to celebrate this accomplishment in My Marine's life!!

Thanks so much for your help....

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Brooke said...

sorry, jay and i don't travel enough via plane for miles. i'll pray for you that the Lord will provide.