Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankfulness - Day 15

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to be flexible with the new schedule I created for That Other Kid in our homeschooling journey. He decided he wanted to do spelling today even though it wasn't on our schedule! Because we have the freedom to create our own schedule I was able to forego history today and we did spelling instead! I love that he wanted to do spelling - All About Spelling is a great program!

I am also thankful for my friends who told me about All About Spelling! I had never heard of this program; even though I have been homeschooling FOREVER!! Whooohooo for friends who try new programs and aren't afraid to recommend them even to a veteran homeschooler!


Sincerely Anna said...

We're using All About Spelling too! It takes us much longer than I anticipated to get through the entire lesson, but he seems to enjoy spelling/segmenting all the words so who am I to complain? I love how it's a multi-sensory approach, like a game and a quiz.

Brooke said...

you're a great mom - ya know that?