Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankfulness - Day 16 (with weigh in)

Today I am thankful that it is November 16th! That means in just 1 month "My Marine" will graduate from boot camp! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday he left and other times it seems like he has been gone FOREVER!! It was one year ago Thanksgiving he told us that he was "done" with college and was going to join the Marines. I will never forget that shock! And here we are almost a year later and he is nearly done with the most rewarding, challenging thing he has ever done....BOOT CAMP!

Today is also Wednesday which means it is weigh in day at Shrinking Jeans. It is the final day of Shrinkvivor and although I was sent to Exile Island a few weeks I still need to weigh in.

My starting weight for this challenge: 200.8
Today's weight: 202.6

So...instead of losing weight this challenge I gained. I'm upset with myself but I know that during distance training it is difficult to lose weight and I definitely was training and walking long distances!! I am now done with that training for a while and now I've got to find my fitness/weight loss/healthy living mojo back! This week I have improved but haven't exercised much still. I went for a 30 minute walk with a friend and That Other Kid yesterday and that was really the first time I have done anything since the 3 Day. That must change!!

I changed the way I am approaching school, chores and many other things around here this week and now it is time to start meal planning, exercising etc to make better use of my time! If you have suggestions on "organizing" my life I am open to them! I need some structure so I can accomplish all that needs to be done! there's a new challenge coming up at the 'hood next week and I'm planning to make that one shine for me! Are you in???

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Brooke said...

its so hard to find that balance between resting/letting your body recover and all out laziness. i always lean toward laziness.

good luck getting back at it! :)