Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful Day 26 - 3 Minutes of Heaven!

This is a picture of the call from "My Marine" that I've been waiting nearly 10 weeks for!

I was over at our Team Leader's house this afternoon for our Thanksgiving Potluck just relaxing. I had been told by numerous moms that I should expect a phone call to discuss travel plans for after graduation but I really had no idea when it would come! When I saw this number come across my caller id on my cell phone I nearly peed my pants! I knew it had to be My Marine! So I went out and found a quiet corner and took the call! It was a tiny bit of heaven for this momma! I started crying as soon as I answered the phone and heard his deep voice on the other end!

I knew the call would be short (from what I had been told) so I tried to listen and ask vital questions. It was sooooo wonderful to talk to him. He sounded great! He wants to get the "hxxx" out of there as fast as possible on the 16th so I'm hoping we can all get flights home that afternoon after graduation. He wants to take us to a hockey game while he is home. He wants to relax and enjoy spending time with his family! Sounds perfectly wonderful to me!

19 days till I see my Marine son -- not that I'm counting! -)

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