Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Day 18- My Marine

In honor of my son who will graduate Marine bootcamp I am posting this prayer for him and all the other recruits graduating in 28 days!!

Father, in the coming days I will need You, but my recruit will need You more.

Let him perform his tasks with a sense of duty, not of anger or vengeance.

Let his reflexes be quick and his hands steady.
Let his head be clear and his eyes sharp.
Let his mind and body be strong and his spirit stronger.

Christ, please stand by my recruit and watch his back when he cannot.

Father, I love this recruit of mine! Take from ME,
what he needs and give me what he does not.
I will pace the nights, if it means he gets some sleep.
I will deal with fatigue, if it means he will have energy.
I will carry his fear if it means it gives him courage.
I will take his pain, if it means he is healthy and whole.
I will take his anger, if it means he is at peace.

Take from me my love and pride and let him feel it! Let him know that I am with him every step of the way.

Please, take from me what You can; I give it willingly and with love.
It is all that I have besides my prayers.

Above all, please help my recruit achieve his goal of becoming a United States Marine. This I ask on bended knee, that which I cannot do without You.


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