Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy Week....

but then again what week is not busy these days, huh? Anyway, i have been having fun reading all the comments from the people who have entered my Bloggy Contest. It has been a lot of fun to see the traffic on my site pick WAY UP, too. Up till this week I have been running about 50 - 75 views a week. This week I've been running at least that many per day! It has been exciting for me.... so thanks for stopping by if you are new and I hope you'll keep coming back after today.

So if you are here and you haven't commented on my little contest please do so today. I'll choose a winner tonight, late....before I go to bed, so hurry and enter....cuz don't we all need to learn to be happy??!! on to other news of the week. That Other Kid went to his first Karate class Tuesday...and that was fun! He did well for his first class, at least I thought he did. He was his normal, bouncy, excited self and was eager to try every move the instructor asked him to make. I think it went well...My goal for sending him this class is to help him learn a little self-control. Sometimes I think he is beyond all self-control and I worry about his future and Mine for that matter...Like will I lose it because he is acting sooooo bad! Instructor said he did well for first class and gave him a creed to practice at home...which we haven't done yet. Basically, it says he's not gonna beat the cr*p out of everyone in the house, using what he learns in class!!

This week was another first for That Kid. He had a REAL JOB interview. He already has a job as an Ice Hockey Official, but the summer time is sloooooooow for him, as there are not many games being played, so there are not many games being reffed, yo get the idea? Anyway, he has kind of gotten used to receiving LARGE paychecks in the mail and since he won't during the summer he decided he wanted to get a job for the summer. The gym we go to had a sign on the door saying they were taking applications for the summer, so he applied on-line and had his first interview yesterday. It must have went well-- he has a follow-up interview Monday afternoon. The position he applied for is right up his alley -- working with kids in their summer camps, playing various sports, games, etc. He has experience from the PE class he has been assisting with for the past 2 years, so he is qualified and actually VERY good at this! He doesn't like to admit it but he is gifted around is an area God has blessed him in and I am excited to see how God uses him this summer in this job....Of course, there is the 2nd interview, so pray for that to go well if this is the job for him this summer.

My dad went and had another colon scope this week to check the progress of the cancer and to prepare for radiation. (Radiation starts Monday morning) and everything seems to be going well. He will do a radiation treatment for 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks.....gosh that's a lot of 5's, huh? After his radiation treatment he will go over to the VA Hospital and get a chemo this is going to be a hardcore attack. Please pray that he will continue to have NO side effects and he will do well with all this medication.

I just got an email from him and he is walking 2 miles a day at he local rec center that my brother works at. Exercise and getting out of the house --- does a cancer patient good! Add to that a bunch of prayers and you can't go wrong! Thanks for all your love and prayers.....

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