Saturday, April 12, 2008

Doctor Update

I should have done this last night, but I was pretty much a lost cause last night. I spent about 6 hours in doctor's offices or waiting rooms yesterday and that can be very exhausting! The good news from all this sitting and waiting is that we do have some answers. I do so love sitting around and waiting for doctors, don't you??? Ok, on with the report.

Mine is pretty complicated so I will skip me for a minute and report that That Kid has a bone spur on his elbow. This is complicated by the fact that he has a bone contusion (bone bruise). He is supposed to take a break from working out in any way that will put stress on his elbow, ie chest press, biceps, ect. If it was me it wouldn't be a problem....I haven't used these machines and used these muscles for some time and really don't like doing so.
However, we are not talking about a fat, unacheiving mom -- we are talking a young man who is trying to be a well-developed speciman of a man. Therein lies the problem. We see how well this works by the fact that he just got back from the gym and lifting all manner of weights, including ones that might aggravate his elbow. What's a mom to do, huh?

Ok, on to me....first off I have a deviated septum, which explains alot of my problems, including but limiting other things SNORING that continues to get worse and worse by the day or night as the case is! My nasal passages and sinus cavities are quiet inflammed as well. I will take FOUR, count them FOUR new prescriptions to deal with on a daily basis to try to clear this problem up. I also have to do a nasal wash 2 times a day, which is supposed to help clear out my sinus cavities of all the gunk in there. Then in a month I go back to see if all this medicine helps. At this point if I am still having problems I will have an MRI on my nose/sinus cavities and then probably proceed to surgery. Although I don't want to take all these medications I do want to finally be done with all this illness and yucky feeling, so I am doing it....and I'm praying that my deviated septum can be healed without the surgery so I no longer will suffer from all these sinus infections.

Next for the day, as if this wasn't enough of a day, we went to That Kid's best friend's dance recital. I was a little concerned about That Other Kid sitting for an hour and a half as we neared bedtime, but I seemed to forget the fact that HE LOVES music....he was very well behaved and just sat in his seat and danced!!! and we only needed ONE bathroom I consider it a good night. The performance was fun and a nice way to spend a Friday night out. That Kid's bff really comes alive on stage! You can tell she LOVES to dance and she's good, too so that helps. Afterwards, we went out to eat at Chick-fil-a and had time to just sit and relax. I needed the time out and away from home.

So, how did you spend your Friday night??? Whatever you did I hope you spent it with friends and family doing something fun and relaxing.

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Lisa B @ simply His said...

Hey Ann,

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Sorry to hear about your deviated septum :( I have severe allergies that the nasal wash helps -- it's really weird the first few times you do it, but it will help!

Get well soon!