Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Changes they are a happenin'! In case you haven't noticed I changed the design/pattern of my blog page. It's spring ya know and I just felt the need to change the looks of my front page. Let me know if you like it...

I've also added Google Adsense to the blog to try to earn a couple of bucks...sometimes I just get the urge to have "my" money... not "family/our" money. Call me selfish if you must, but I wanta see if I can earn some money of my own.

DeeDee tagged everyone for a meme today. It is for us to name 6 unimportant things about ourselves....I said, "gosh only 6! this might take me a while to narrow them down". Anywhoooo, here are my 6 unimportant things in no particular order.

6. I am a terrible housekeeper, although as a kid/teenager I was the one who cleaned the house, cuz I hated the fact that it was always a mess.

5. I am nosey. I always want to know everything about everyone. Although I am pretty private about sharing about my own life.

4. I love taking pictures of "stuff" although I don't do anything with the pictures once I take the pictures....

3. I sit on my couch "watching" local news for an average of an hour and a half a night, but if you ask me anything about what is going on in the news locally I probably couldn't tell you more than 2 or 3 things.

2. That Other Kid beats me every time when we play Tennis on the Wii. I beat him "almost" every time when we Bowl.

1. When I was a kid, I was in LOVE with the BeeGees.

Now aren't you glad I shared????

If you wanta share all your "unimportant facts" consider yourself tagged. Please leave a comment and let me know if you decide to play!

Oh...please pray for my dad and his doctor tomorrow afternoon, as he finds out the next step in his Chemo and Radiation treatments. He has gone through 8 weeks of Chemo and hasn't had any problems so keep those prayers coming! Radiation/Chemo combined is the next step according to what he was told in the beginning. I'll let you know tomorrow night after I hear from my mom and dad.

Thanks....for everything!

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