Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News to Report

Well it's been a couple of days since I gave you my medical report and I'm happy to report that my sinus cavities seem to be improving at least in as much as I'm not snoring as loudly and as obnoxiously!
I have been doing my nasal wash and although it is rather unpleasant it does seem to be helping. I still have bad headaches and sinus pressure, but I do seem to be improving this time. I am grateful for the ENT who was able to diagnose me with something other than just allergies as the regular doctor was telling me! I just have to do this for 4 weeks before I can get more answers....

In other news of the day -- I bought That Other Kid some additional GeoTrax train pieces last night which happily occupied a good part of his day, as well as mine, since I had to build new configurations of the tracks several times over! Finally, I told him this was the last one I was going to build and he could change it by himself, should he want a different configuration. A few minutes later I walked in and he WAS BUILDING it another way, this time adding a BUNCH of the tracks that he previously owned! Now the tracks take up a good portion of our den/playroom....well at least it hasn't spread to the living room!

By the way, if you are looking for a great train system for your "rough and tumble boy" than I highly recommend the GeoTrax system. I discovered that the wooden ones tend to break when they are abused by a "rough and tumble" little boy! Go Fisher-Price!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing....Did you know that a cell phone is NOT designed to be washed in a washing machine???? I now have first hand experience from this theory....don't ask!! The bright side I have a new cell phone and it's kinda cool! Now I have to go play with my new phone so I'll know how it's new features work....

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