Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doctor's Appointments

I talked to mom this evening after settling down with That Other Kid, to check on dad's doctor's appointment. PRAISE GOD....the tumor has NOTTTTT, I repeat has Not spread!! It is still contained within his colon. They couldn't really tell if is smaller or not without going in and doing another internal search, which they didn't want to do because of the sensitivity of it after 8 weeks of chemo, but the fact that it has not spread is a BIG PLUS!!

He has to meet with the radiation specialist ASAP, which they are waiting for a call from his office. They will probably hear from him tomorrow and meet with him to start radiation treatments. Apparently they want this started ASAP, so hopefully by Monday. They will be doing the radiation treatments in the best hospital in their town, instead of the VA hospital, which makes me feel so much better! Thank you Jesus, for taking care of my dad!!! and thank you for praying....

Another doctor appointment had positive results today! That Other Kid had a food challenge for Soy products.....and he PASSED with flying colors!! We now get to add WHEAT, PEANUTS, and SOY into his previously limited diet....He can have soooooo many new foods, I'm just giddy!!! He is still highly allergic to milk/dairy, and eggs, but OMG he can have soooooo many foods now, that he couldn't just 6 weeks ago!!! I'm sooooo happy for him! Now I just need to get him to accept the fact that he can have more than 6 food items!!

Tomorrow I go to the ENT to see what is wrong with me and my sinus I don't spend the next 9 months sick....please pray it is a successful visit! and last but not least That Kid will go to the orthopeadic surgeon tomorrow afternoon to find out what is wrong with his has been hurting and swollen for about 6 weeks, so it is time to get it checked....I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for all your prayers....I appreciate each and every one of you.

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