Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frustrations Abound

How do you deal with children that have NO regard to your authority? I want to run and scream and act like a child...I mean that's how they are acting....why can't I??? I'm the one that is being treated like trash around here, but they are the ones getting away with all manner of disobedience.

I have always tried to be fair and reasonable in dealing with my boys when it comes to discipline, punishment, and responsibilities. I am the one in the family that handles the majority of the parenting responsibilities. Unless things get WAY out of control dh doesn't get involved. So why am I getting all the abuse??? Maybe it's because I am the one that does it all...maybe it's because I'm the one that has soooooo much daily contact with them, who knows....All I do know is that I'm going through an abundance of frustration because of the way these boys are acting. I'm tired of dealing with their constant disregard to my authority. I'm tired of it all...what's a mom to do?? I haven't changed over the years, that much. With the exception of gaining unmentioned amounts of weight, that is.

I'm tired of it....will ya please pray for me???? I'm so emotionally exhausted from the day to day dealings with these 2 boys that I dearly love, but I can't keep going like this....I just can't!

I hope this makes sense, but if it doesn't maybe you'll pray that my next post will make more sense!

Thanks for your prayers....

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