Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Call Me Crazy....

It's ok, I know I am CRAZY it has been proven over and over~~ and dh tells me I'm "insane" everytime I screw something up, so it's obviously true....cuz everyone knows that men are PERFECT, right??and they never screw anything up....

Ok, sorry for rambling, but there really is no point to this post, so I may as well start it off that way, right?

Anyway, I'm crazy! Last week I went to the allergist who informed me that I am highly allergic to DUST! Which is EVERYWHERE throughout my house! I HATE to DUST and do it ONLY when dh whines enough that I get tired of listening to it....and decide to go ahead and bite the bullet and rid the house of at least some of the thickest dust.

Soooo, anywhoooo, I got the wild hair that even without dh whiney I WOULD RID THE HOUSE OF DUST...thinking maybe I could breathe easier if I didn't live among the thing I am highly allergic to! Well the easiest way to motivate me to clean is to reorganize and clean at the same time. So I decided the play room and That Kid's room would be a my first targets! I talked dh into taking That Other Kid to the movies and give me 3 hours of QUIET ALONE TIME!!! I haven't had this in FOREVER and it was BLISSFUL. I need to do this more often...they had fun, too. But that wasn't the point as far as I was concerned!!!

The playroom is always a mess. That's just who That Other Kid is...and it needed a good CLEANING, so I started cleaning and reorganizing and moving things around. When they got home it was all clean and reorganized. The games are more accessible and the big train/car table is pushed into the corner...cuz he doesn't play with it very often. I also moved movies into the living room, so they won't get scattered all over the playroom. I have more control over them! and everyone knows it's all about control!

For Christmas we got That Kid some new furniture for his room. Since he is kind of growing up we decided it was time to make his room "grow up", too. But, he has been so busy he hasn't had time to reorganize and make room for the new furniture...so this was the time. We started Sunday afternoon...but he had to CLEAR out TONS of STUFF, first. This took a good part of 4 hours to go through everything and make piles. Keep and put back in room pile. Give away pile. Store pile. This created a TON of DUST blowing around...making my throat hurt, eyes itch, etc., etc.

He built his desk yesterday afternoon, put 1 of the 2 bookcases back in the room...left the 2nd one out, since he didn't really need it. His room now has TONS of space!! and it looks more like a teenager/young adult room. We need to buy a "trophy/collectibles" case, but that can wait. For now they are sitting in 2 big Rubbermaid containers. Everything in his room is pretty much "dust-free" at least till next week!

Why, oh why did I decide to do this?? Oh yeah, so the house would not be so dusty! Next up is the living room. First of all I have to go through tons of VHS movies, DVD's, music CD's, and books. The books will take a while. I have school books, reference books, personal reading books, and self-help books and magazines. My plan for the school books is to SELL them! I have books for nearly every subject, for 12 years of schooling. So if you are homeschooling and need a book...send me an email! I may have it!! I'm going to load them up in boxes and take them to the local homeschool bookstore. Whatever they don't buy, I will take to Half-Priced Books.

So, you see I have been busy trying to clean my house...and in the process to rid it of DUST....one of my highest allergens!

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