Friday, July 31, 2009

Strange Week

I have had a strange week...I have not felt real well, extremely tired and blah feeling all week. That Kid has been in College Station helping out with a hockey camp so it has just been the 3 of us here. I guess I better get used to that feeling since he'll only be home 19 more days till he moves into the dorms, but I still have almost 3 weeks to deal with those issues...ya know?? He comes home tonight so things will get back to somewhat normal.

I was really looking forward to working out with my new Wii Active game and working out with the new level of the Sculpt DVD, but I have been soooo tired by the time I have gotten That Other Kid in bed all I have wanted to do is sleep, so I have skipped my workouts this week to try to get some extra sleep. It has felt strange to not workout, but I don't think I would have been very productive and effective if I would have tried them. Yesterday afternoon I realized what part of my problem was, because my "visitor" showed up with a vengeance. That explains ALOT!! It explains why I haven't wanted to eat good food, it explains why I have been so tired, it explains my grumpiness, it explains why my face looks like a teenager going through puberty! What is up with that?? Didn't I just turn 44 years old??

Anywho....all this to say, I hope I get over this strange week and get back on track tomorrow...I don't want to lose all my momentum. Yesterday I went to get my hair done and my hairdresser made a comment about how good I am looking. Then she asked how much weight I had lost....23 pounds, thankyouverymuch!! and it feels GOOD!!

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Anonymous said...

Ann -- I hope you're feeling back to normal. I understand that kind of malaise. I imagine your oldest getting ready to head off to school is at least part of the issue. The situation will be a huge adjustment - for all of you. Rest when you need to, treat yourself well, but get back in there when you're able. You're doing so well! Keep it up!!