Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Weigh-in -- Week 6

Well this week has not been a very good week for me, but despite all the bad choices I made God looked downed on me and had mercy and allowed me to lose .2 pounds! I know it had to be HIM that allowed me to lose this weight this week because other than exercising I didn't really contribute much to the cause....Instead I ate ice cream numerous times, drank several cokes over the week, and ate WAY TOO much food during meal times! I did manage to eat fruit most every day -- a couple of times that is all I ate for a meal, but then my next meal was high calorie, high salt content food!

What is my problem?? I'm so close to my goal for this challenge, (200 pounds) and here I am sabotaging my efforts. Every night when I'm exercising on the WiiFit and the little balance board guy is asking me why I keep gaining weight I keep saying I'm stressed out so I'm eating just like normal....of course that's not really a choice, but that's what I keep saying in my head....I gotta get over this "emotional eating thing" I've got going. This is what got me so obesely overweight in the first place!

So that's where I am right now....

Last week with a gain to 205.10
This week with a minimal loss to 205.8

Weight loss this week .2

I guess I'll take it and thank God for HIS MERCY!!

How'd you do???


The Mama - aka Heather said...

A loss is a loss. You're getting there! Good job ;)

Brooke said...

quite a few of us had bad weeks but we've just got to plow through them.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Ann! Your devotion to your continued success motivates me!

Amy said...

Good job! It's a big accomplishment to lose over a holiday!!

april said...

Keep at it Ann, you'll get there! Look at how far you've come so far, hang on to that, and you will succeed!