Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Capture -- Black and White

I just LOVE black and white photos...they remind me of the "olden days" when that's all there were. I used to always look through my mom's photo albums and some of my early pictures and imagine what all the colors were that were missing. It made some interesting color combinations in my head. hehee!

Anyway, this weeks photo meme with Beth was black and white photos. I thought about it alot this week but never got around to taking any pictures of anything this week...I know, I'm bad!! Enter a photo meme and don't take pictures, what is wrong with me, huh? Anyway tonight That Other Kid was goofing off, as usual, and I decided to take a picture of him using my phone, cuz it was next to me and I would have had to get up to find my camera!

Also included in my pictorial display are a couple of pictures that dh took last week while he was driving around West Texas looking at libraries in small towns...ya know there are a lot of small towns in West Texas, right??!!

Enjoy...and don't be dismayed there are a ton of better pictures to be seen over at Beth's so click on over here to see a wide assortment of great and awesome pictures!

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Life with Kaishon said...

That windmill is perfect for black and white! And how cute is your son. Sweet : ) I love black and white too! Captivating.