Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week 5 Weigh In....

Can't I just skip this weigh in? No, I guess not. That wouldn't be very fair to my team Blue team mates or to myself. I haven't had a great week (too much snacking and not enough sleep) so I wasn't looking forward to getting onto the scales, but I did it anyway.

Last week's weigh-in -- 205.2
This week's weigh-in -- 205.10

UGH!! That's UP half a pound!! And I'm not a happy camper about it, but have no one to blame but myself. I haven't been getting enough sleep at night and I have been giving in to the snack cravings. I'm a bit frustrated, but I'm not going to let it get me down. I'm just going to exercise harder and start really watching the snacks....if I feel like I MUST have a snack I'm going to choose a piece of fruit or some cheese instead of the pudding snack cups I bought or the ice cream that has been calling my name from the freezer. I don't think I need the snacks, I think I have just been bored with my routine life so I've caved into the snacks.

So enough of that....EVERYONE else on the BLUE TEAM did great this week and I'm having a great time getting encouragement from all of these great ladies! It's so nice to have others going through this battle with me, especially when we have ups and downs! This week will be better and I WILL lose weight this week.


april said...

Oh, Ann, don't get down. I know it's frustrating, but you can do this! Keep it'll see results!

Brooke said...

just get at it this week and you'll make your team blue proud i'm sure.

i'm a bored snacker too...its hard to fight it.