Wednesday, June 24, 2009

20 Pounds and Counting!!

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday with the Sisters and I think (from the email conversations we've been having this week) the whole Blue Team were holding our collective breath's to see how we did. I know I was! The weekend was kind of stressful and I didn't make the best choices...I didn't totally blow it because I didn't eat EVERYTHING I wanted and I did exercise every night (I'm really looking forward to exercising now, weird huh??), but I didn't have a lot of confidence in the numbers on the scales this morning. But guess what??? I was PLEASANTLY surprised!!

Last week my weigh in was: 208.2
Today's weigh-in: are you ready??
Hold on to your skinny jeans!! Cuz I'm looking to buy some in a few months!!

My weigh-in was: 205.8!! I could hardly believe my eyes!! I lost OVER 2 pounds this week! That's technically 2.10 pounds, cuz ya know those ounces definitely add up!! How did that happen?? I have no idea!! but I am thrilled!!

My goal for this 7 week challenge was to be at or below 200 pounds!! It looks like this is actually feasible!! This is week 4, so I still have 3 more weeks to go.

I told dh that I had lost 20 pounds since March 25, which if you count them that's basically 3 months -- he broke it down and figured that I am losing .22 pounds per day! Over 1 1/2 pounds per week, over 6 pounds per month! I can hardly believe it myself!!

Well I think that's all the shameless bragging I can take for today...but omg 20 pounds is awesome in my book!! Hope ya'll are having a great day!!

GO BLUE TEAM!! We can do it!!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans


*Lissa* said...

Have I told you lately how AMAZING you are?? WOW!

And technically, you have FOUR more weeks to get under 200, I have no doubt that you will accomplish that goal.

Christy M. said...

GO ANN!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you. Isn't it great to lose WAY more than you're expecting! I'm so excited!!

You're husband is awesome for crunching the numbers for you :)

april said...

OMG, congrats Ann!! You totally deserve that button!!

Soon? BUH-BYE 200's!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Great job, Ann! I'm really proud of you! Yes, you're right -- we were all holding our breaths. Congrats on the new button!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a great week! Love the new button-you've earned it! Keep going and you'll be in the
1xx's in no time!