Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today ...

I learned something about myself! Thought I would share it with ya'll....maybe it will help us all!

Today was a very low key day around here. We didn't have anything planned, except to go to the grocery store. I also wanted to try to rent a couple of Wii games that I had heard of. So That Other Kid and I went to the grocery store and then went over to the Blockbuster Video that is next door. They didn't have either Wii game that I wanted so I was frustrated and left kind of bummed out. We went down to the other Blockbuster that is only a couple of miles away and they didn't have either game either. Double frustration!!

That Kid started a new job at a sandwich place and I was planning to go in and bug him like a good mom should:)) So I called Dh and he said he didn't want anything, he had just finished eating a sandwich from home. I didn't feel like I should go buy a sandwich when I could just go home and eat one and save the money, ya know??!! So again, my plans were nixed.

I came home fixed some lunch and ate...that's when my struggles started... I was bored, I didn't have anything else to "do" today except the boring stuff, laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.

So what did I want to do?? I'm sure you all know...I wanted to EAT!! Nothing in particular, just I looked for things to keep myself busy and occupied. It worked to some degree but then I had to go back to the grocery store for some things I forgot...I hate that, don't you? So of course, I decided I NEEDED some snacks. I walked aound the store and finally decided on a couple of semi-wise choices. Skinny Cow Fudge Bars and WeightWatchers Chocolate Chip cookies....both items only 100 calories each. And I only ate 1 each!! so ...although I did kind of blow it, it could have been SO MUCH WORSE!! and I did exercise tonight and I ate a healthy dinner, so maybe it's ok!!

So the moral to my little novel here...Don't let yourself get bored at home!! Find things that will occupy yourself so that you don't think about all the food that looks and sounds so good! Don't watch TV with a bunch of food commericals!! Figure out what triggers you wanting to eat and avoid it or do something to curb those eating triggers!

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