Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day....

Just in case dh figures out the name of my blog and decides he wants to go to the trouble of reading it, I thought I should write a little bit about the man I call dh and my children call "dad".

Dh and I married young, both barely 19...which really scares me, cuz ugh! That Kid, guess what? He's about to turn 19!! I can't imagine him being ready to be married. Maybe we weren't either, we were just too stupid to know that we weren't...who knows??!!

Anywhoo, when we first married he was adamant...he didn't want to be a dad. He didn't want to deal with the responsibility. Ya are a lot of work! He didn't have a very good childhood and he felt that he wouldn't be properly equipped to be a dad. But you know, things change and life happens. I talked him into agreeing to at least 1 child and hopefully 2! Guess what?? I got 2, which is what I wanted!! Right before we turned 25 years old, nearly 6 years after we got married That Kid was born. I had always thought we would have a girl, and that's what he thought he wanted too, but ya know God has other plans most times!

That Kid was born and dh cried, "oh no, we have a boy. How am I supposed to treat him? What if I end up treating him like I was treated as a boy?" Well God knew what he was doing and helped him to become a better man and a good dad to his little boy! it helped that That Kid thought dad hung the moon and proclaimed that he was "daddy's little man" from a very early age. When That Kid was about 2 1/2 years old they sat on the couch together and watched Star Wars and that was the beginning of a Star Wars and movie watching bond that still exists. When That Kid was about 3 or 4 years old he decided he was "big man self" and was no longer "daddy's little man" but by that time they had a special bond. This bond has changed over the years but they are still into the same kinds of "manly movies".

Before That Other Kid was born, we found out he was a boy and DH's response was, "well I guess I'm not good a making girls!" So the adventure began with That Other Kid. Now, That Other Kid has always been a "momma's boy", but sometimes he gets a little put out by all my "unmanly ways" and wants to hang with dad. These are the times that dh really love, and I think he lives for these times when he can develop this relationship with That Other Kid. TOK already loves Star Wars, Batman and all those other manly guy types of movies and shows. This is wonderful for the 3 of them to have this bond and it gives me a break from all the testosterone in the room!

Dh was afraid of becoming a father, because he didn't want to be a "terrible dad"! I didn't worry about him being a terrible dad because he has enough "sweetness" to knock out the bad from his terrible example growing up. I knew that he would be the best dad that he could and he has been....

So Happy Fathers Day, DH!!

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The Mama - aka Heather said...

My husband was worried about the same thing. Didn't have a great home life as a child.
But it made him stronger and know what NOT to do.
Hope your DH had a great father's day!s