Monday, June 1, 2009

New Hula Record!!

1885 spins in 6 minutes on the WiiFit Hula!! That's a new record for me, and just think I wasn't going to do it tonight, since "my visitor" came today and I thought "ah, I'll just skip it tonight". I was just going to do the Body Test portion of the WiiFit. Once I did the Body Test portion I decided to just go ahead and do the warmup of the Hula -- the 70 second section. Once I did that I just went on ahead and started the 6 minute... It's kind of addicting!! You don't want to stop till you are po*ped out!!

Before I did the WiiFit Hula I did Day 2 of the Level 3 on the Shred DVD! I managed to follow through with a couple of Natalie's moves, too! Yeah for me!! The last ab set I did with Natalie and didn't DIE!! I'm feeling good about this exercise program.

DH told me he was impressed with my dedication and that made me feel really good since he is not usually so easy to hand out praise. I have noticed that when I don't feel good or am tired, he is pretty fast to say, "maybe you should skip exercising tonight". My response has been "skipping out on exercise is how I got in this predicament, I'm not skipping unless I am physically unable to do it!!!"

In other news, but related -- I'm on the Blue team for the next challenge with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! We are going to be a great team!! and a wonderful support system....Go Team!


Heather D said...

Good job on the Wii Hula! Especially with the visitor. ;)
Go blue team!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to give in and buy a Wii. But you make it sound so great I may have to drop a hint in dh's ear! Great job! Especially after hanging with Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Visiting from shrinking jeans. Great job! I am starting level 3 on thursday and I am nervous, don't you just love the compliments from the hubbies, there the best.