Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday -- (Only He's Not So Tiny, Anymore)!!

Tiny Talk Tuesday celebrates our children and their view of the world. They continually make us laugh and by recording their Tiny Talk we can focus on one of the many JOYS of parenting! If your kiddos made you laugh this week (don't they always), then feel free to share the humor! Check out more Tiny Talks with Mary.

This past week I got to spend a considerable amount of time with That Kid -- he's almost 19 years old and extremely busy these days...what with all the socializing the summer months bring about!! ya know?? I just graduated him from our homeschooling experience and he's preparing to attend Dallas Baptist University in just 9 short weeks....not that I'm counting or anything.

Anywhoooo, I attended Orientation and Registration with him as was requested for preparing your student to attend college.

I was happy to spend this time with him...driving, walking around campus, checking out some of the buildings, going through some of the registration process with him, and even eating a couple of meals with him. These are rare moments in my life these days and I treasured every minute of it.

However, the most special moment of these 2 days came on Thursday morning after we dropped That Other Kid off at the babysitter's house. He's planning to live on campus in the dorms for convenience and to qualify for the scholarship he was awarded.

He turned to me and said, "Do you think it would be ok if I came home on some of the weekends to sleep? It will be easier to stay at home and be able to work all those hockey games if I don't have to drive all the way down to DBU."

I responded with "Yes, I think that would be a good idea. We can just set up a mattress in the bedroom for you to sleep, since dad is planning to take over your room when you move down to DBU."

Inside I was screaming and jumping up and down and crying for joy and every other happy emotion I could imagine! He's not even gone from home and he already wants to come home!! I could not have been happier!!

My baby still wants to be "home"...even if it is just to sleep here! I'll still get to see him and give him a hug and love on him -- on the weekends, at least!! Maybe I will make it through this first year of college!

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Awwwww....mom and her boy. Hope all goes well with the transition to a new stage!