Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Got Some Perspective Tonight....

Let me explain....this morning about 9 a.m. our electricity went out. Our electricity NEVER goes out, so it was something really strange. About 9:45 it was still out so I looked up our electricity bill to make sure that it wasn't out cuz I forgot to pay the bill, ya know??!! How embarrassing that would have been to call the electric company whining that our electricity was out and then it was cuz of non-payment, but IT WASN'T!! The bill isn't due for a couple of weeks, so ok...I made a call to the automated phone know the one, right? Push 1 for this feature, push 2 for this feature....and so on. I said we have no electricity and moved on.

Let me explain how our life goes in the morning...That Other Kid and I get up about 8 and immediately go watch tv...hey that works on electricity! We usually lay there till 9:30 at which time I go fix breakfast for That Other Kid...a bagel, toasted in the toaster and an english muffin for myself, toasted in the toaster...hey that runs on electricity, too! Between 9:30 and 10:00 DH gets up and takes a shower! Hey the bathroom lights, they run on electricity, too. Then I fix him breakfast; bacon in the microwave and eggs on the stove, with a bagel -- wow those appliances run with ELECTRICITY, too! I usually get online and check emails and stuff, but guess what?? Internet access runs on ELECTRICITY, too!! So instead I filled out college financial aid application stuff...that was something that had to be done today, so at least the time wasn't totally wasted!

It's amazing how many things we take for granted that run on electricity, ya know? Finally we were still without power about 10:30 so I decided to talk to a real person...who basically told me they were working on it. Thanks for calling. Should be back on within the hour.

Electricity came back on about 10:45 and our world started realigning to it's proper place...We went about our business without another thought.

Tonight I caught a few minutes of the 9 p.m. news broadcast. I was shocked when they mentioned my 'burb and the lack of electricity. So I backed it up and called dh in to listen with me. What we heard made us rethink our priorities a bit...I'm sure it will you, too. Here's what happened. It seems that a construction worker was working on the electric wires and it caught fire, burning the man. The electricity went off because the man was burning!! He had to be CareFlighted to our local "burn unit" hospital. The man is STILL in critical condition. Wow!! and my family and I had to deal with a couple of hours of no electricity this morning....while this man and his family has had to deal with a life changing experience.

I am thankful that I ONLY lost electricity today and didn't come close to loosing my life. How's that for perspective??

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