Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Weigh-In, New Challenge

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Today starts a new challenge with the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans. They are changing it up a bit and putting everyone in teams to help motivate and challenge us...I am on the Blue Team with 5 other great ladies working on the same thing I am...losing weight and being in great shape for our families!!

Today's weigh-in -- 211.3!! I know that sounds like a lot of poundage, but it is 14.5 pounds LESS than I was on March 25!!

March 25 my weigh-in was 225.8....the weight is coming off!! YEAH!!

Being a part of the sisterhood has helped me tremendously. Exercising nearly every night has helped me tremendously. NOT DRINKING COKES has been the biggest thing that has helped me.....I don't even crave it anymore -- most days!! So if you are trying to lose weight and need extra motivation....join the Sisterhood!! You'll get it!!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Ann!! Congrats on the downward journey! Go Blue!!

april said...

Great job Ann!! You are doing an outstanding job!!! Keep up the great work!

Good luck this challenge!

Anonymous said...

Ann -- great job! You'll break into the 190s during this challenge, you know. That's so exciting!

Hurray to not drinking the cokes! I drink sparkling water all the time - no flavorings, no added salt, no faux sugars. I get the "ahhh" moment after a big gulp, but not any of the bad stuff.

Keep up the great work!

jessi said...

Congrats on your progress! I just joined the challenge today.