Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Entertaining Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday celebrates our children and their view of the world. They continually make us laugh and by recording their Tiny Talk we can focus on one of the many JOYS of parenting! If your kiddos made you laugh this week (don't they always), then feel free to share the humor! Check out more Tiny Talks with Mary.

This morning in the "Big D" is foggy and rainy and dreary and blah!! So I'm movin' even slower than I normally do in the mornin' time. I just HATE dreary days....they really grate on my nerves....anywhoooo...

As I sit here watching That Other Kid play Mario Kart on the Wii I'm listening to his rambling conversations with himself and trying really hard not to laugh out loud! He is so comical without even trying.

So here are some of the things he is saying as he plays his favorite video game of the day:

That Other Kid -- "Get ahead, boy! You don't want to lose, do you?"
"B-b-b-b-b I know what starts with "B"! The word bed! and I think I know how to spell it too...B-E-D !!

Me -- "That's right, bed is spelled B-E-D! What else starts with "B"?

That Other Kid -- "Bell starts with "b", too! and so does boy!"

I love how he will just sit and play and try to figure out what letter the words he would normally say, start with! It makes me realize that I am doing something right with my little boy!

It also makes me realize that "all the time is learning time" not just when we have a designated "school time"!!


Erin said...

Multitasking at it's best.

Davene said...

All that while playing the Wii? That's great! What a smart kid. :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I agree man - the best learning takes place naturally, not at a worksheet!