Saturday, October 17, 2009

Final Weigh In -- Shrink For Good/Lose For Good

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

Today is the final weigh in for the Shrink for Good/Lose For Good Challenge over at the Sisterhood. This is for such a good cause and I had the BEST OF INTENTIONS, but sometimes life kinda gets in the way of GOOD INTENTIONS! No, I didn't fail, but I didn't do as well as I wanted to. During this challenge we teamed up with Weight Watchers and are donating food to area food banks. I know that Texas is not hurting like a lot of other states as far as the economy goes but there are people everywhere hurting right now...and lots of them can be helped by just giving them some food.

So...this was a great cause and I'm happy to report that I will be donating 5 pounds 6 ounces (or more) of food to this very worthy cause!!!Yes, during this challenge lasting 6 weeks I lost 5 pounds 6 ounces!! I'm pleased with this in one way, but disappointed that it wasn't more.

Today's weigh in was: 197.4
I started this challenge at 199.9, bounced up to 202.10 then back down again!
I have stayed under 200 pounds for 3 weeks now!! I think I can say "GOODBYE" to those numbers!

The past 6 weeks have been hard for me on the exercise area. I had such a great rhythm going, but when our family's routine got messed up mine did too. I'm working to get it back, and I think I have got it figured out. We are moving into a smaller place (thus the reason for the before mentioned garage sale) in about 5 weeks so things are going to be pretty hectic for a while, but I am determined to EXERCISE and not BLOW IT. I've worked too hard to give it all up now!

I'm only 2 pounds away from losing 30 pounds (since I started on March 25)and Christy said she'd make me a special button if I do it, so over the next couple of weeks I'm going to work REALLY HARD to keep on track. A lady came to my garage sale this weekend and bought some of my clothes that NO LONGER FIT!! She commented about how I must have lost a lot of weight if these were my clothes!! I can't tell you how good that felt!! OMG, I just wanted to go hug her (and no, I didn't know her)!!

So....get ready Christy those last 2 pounds are coming off SOON!!

For WeightWatchers and the Lose for Good Campaign I get to donate 5 pounds 6 ounces of food!! Go WeightWatchers! Go ME!!


Christy - The Sisterhood said...

I'm ready for you, girl! SO READY!!! I cannot wait to make you a special 30 pound button. Seriously, I might just cry thinking about it!!! I'm so freaking proud of you.

Keep going strong with the workouts. I know it's hard when your life is chaotic, but I know you can find time!!!

BIG HUGS and lots of love!!!

Heather D said...

Amazing Ann. You continue to inspire me!
Bye bye 200's! I can't wait to see the 30 pound button!

Sincerely Anna said...

Way to go, Ann! I'm cheering for you!

~Mendie~ said...

Congrats on your loss and for staying under 200! That is so great...I hope you never have to write that number again!

Great job-keep plugging have a button to earn!

Melissa (The Daily Mel) said...

WTG on your results for the challenge! Congrats on getting into ONEderland and saying below that 200 line, too. :)

Brooke said...

*does the happy - stayin in the 100s for good dance*

and VERY COOL what the yard sale lady said!!