Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i Feel Lost

When I was shutting down my computer last night something weird happened but I didn't think much about it. It was late and I was tired so I just turned it off and went to bed. But this morning when I went to turn it on it botted up like it always does, but I had no images on the screen! What's up with that, I thought to myself, so I started pressing buttons and trying to figure out what was wrong. After doing everything I knew to do(which wasn't much) I called Dell tech supportn who told me, "uh sorry its not under warranty any more but if you will give us your credit card number I'll be happy to transfer you to someone who can help you!"

UGH!!! So I hung up and did what any technically challenged wife would do - texted dh and whined that my computer screen isn't working! HELP!!!

Since he can't see it, he can't help till he gets home tonight. So I've been without my computer all day! I think if I didn't have my handy dandy little Blackberry to check emails with and get on Facebook with, I might actually start having the shakes! I feel so lost without access to my computer.

You would think that since I can't waste hours of time with my computer I could actually get something done around here, but NO! That would be too logical and such a good use of my time! No, instead I continually restart my computer, check emails from my phone and sit around feeling LOST!!

You think maybe I should get a life or something?? Maybe clean house, load the dishwasher, start packing for our move next month?! Or how about clean the house so when the landlord comes over this weekend to show it I don't die of embarrassment from the way the house looks! No, I'll wait till Friday night to worry about that! It'll just get dirty again, right?!!

So here I am lost without my computer but grateful for my Blackberry and for all my online friends to listen to my woes!!

So how do you react to "no computer use"?? Apparently I kinda freak out!

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Heather D said...

I feel like I am dying without my computer. Scary. I wonder if I should do a technology free day, just to see if I can...something to ponder!