Friday, October 16, 2009

Garage Sale

I'm sitting out in my garage on a nice cool fall morning in North Texas playing on my Blackberry phone that dh graciously bought me this summer. I didn't really "need" it but really "wanted" it. Now that I've had it for a few months I am hopelessly addicted to the convenience of it. As I said I'm sitting in garage watching over my garage sale and playing on my phone! Doing facebook, blogging, and checking emails are just some of the wonders of technology that I'm blessed with. People are coming and going and buying things and I'm enjoying the pleasure of taking their money for what I perceive as my "junk". None of it is really junk but I don't need it and they can use it or they wouldn't buy it, or would they? The neighbor behind us (age 9) came by yesterday with $20 from the "tooth fairy" and bought $10 of stuff. The day before he spent another $10 on stuff. Did this 9 year old really need $20 of my stuff? I think not? Why did he buy it then? Because he could is my guess.

Something the past few months have taught me is that we can live with a whole lot less "stuff" than we think we can. As I was going through the house preparing for this sale I continually asked myself, "do I need this? Have I used it recently? Is there a benefit to keeping it?" If I answered no, then it is now sitting in my driveway or garage waiting for someone else to take ownership of it. I hope it doesn't just sit in their house collecting dust! I hope they are buying it because they truly want it!

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