Monday, October 26, 2009

True Confessions Again!

Today is True Confessions Day over at the Sisterhood and boy do I have some confessions to make! So I'll just jump right in...

1) Saturday morning I woke up HUNGRY and ate and ate and ate! All day long I felt FAMISHED!! I tried to eat fruit, drink lots of water and stay away from the kitchen! I was totally unsuccessful! I baked myself 8 chocolate chip cookies and ate ALL 8 of them, within a 30 minute time period! They tasted yummy! but my digestive tract did not appreciate all that fat and sugar! I spent some time in the bathroom "paying" for those not worth it!

2) I didn't really want to eat after that, though so that's a good thing!

3) In the Big D we are used to sunny, warm weather for most of the year. Sometimes we have periods of "downright HOT" -- like the 4 months of summer! Other times we have periods of rain, and occasionally in the dead of winter (like January or February) we will get a cold, ice storm. But USUALLY we are blessed with "nice" weather. However, over the past 2 months we have had soooooo much rain and cloud cover it's starting to really get "OLD"! How do the people of Seattle deal with this year in and year out?? There is no way I could live like this long term...Anyway, my point is that I'm so stinkin' tired of rain and clouds! we haven't been able to play outside, take walks, or anything requiring the "great outdoors" because of the constant RAIN!! I don't know how much we have had but there is a lake out in my backyard!! UGH!!

4) I NEED SUNSHINE!!! PLEASE!!! and a bit warmer weather than 55 degrees would be 'swell' too! Remember this is Texas??!! It's supposed to be WARM!! I have had to turn the heat on in our house nearly every day for the past week or two and this is not something I am accustomed to doing till mid November! and I can't remember a time when it has had to run periodically throughout the day until DECEMBER!!

5) I'm thinking all this cloudy and rainy weather is causing me to be a hormonal mess! I'm usually pretty even tempered but lately 'I'm a mess'!!

6) Instead of packing boxes and preparing for our move that occurs in 4 weeks I'm sitting in here reading blog posts, and typing up my own.

7) I also just sat down to a 'healthy' lunch of chips and queso! That outta help me meet my goal of only weighing 195.8 this Wednesday, dontcha think?? But at least I didn't drink the coke sitting in the cabinet, right? I drank water!!

8) Well I can't think of anything else...just didn't want to be "odd" and stop at 7!!

Go check out the other "Confessions" over at the Sisterhood! You'll be glad you did!

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