Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Missed Weigh In....

I missed the weigh in today with the Sisterhood because I couldn't make it over to the gym till late and I figured, why bother? I can just go tomorrow morning so that's what I'm going to do. This is already week 6 of the Shrink For Good -- Lose For Good where is the time going??

There's a new challenge going on over at Shrinking Jeans, but it is a running challenge and my knees....not gonna do I have been debating what I can do to continue with my loss and still get the support from these wonderful ladies. Not that I "have" to participate in a challenge to be supported by them, but I feel like I'm a part of something productive, ya know? Anyway, Lissa and I were chatting via emails and she's not able to run right now either, so we have decided to do our own little challenge -- EXERCISE (any kind -- Wii, DVD's, walking, whatever) 40 MINUTES EVERY DAY!!! Read about it here. That oughta kick some weightloss butt, right??

So I told her, "yes, I am in"...then I went to get started and did 26 minutes on the WiiFit and sat down because I remembered I needed to write a quick email about getting my windshield wiper fixed and here I am 1 hour and 15 minutes later...still on the computer!! What's up with that?? So from now on...ABSOLUTELY NO COMPUTER TILL I HAVE EXERCISED FOR MY 40 MINUTES!! I can't get this weight off if I sit around on my computer, can I?? I don't think typing and checking emails, blogs, and facebook are going to burn very many calories, do you??

So...tomorrow is a new day. I'm going to go weigh myself, I'm going to clean and organize and prepare for a huge garage/moving sale I'm having next weekend, and I'm going to exercise NO LESS than 40 minutes!!

So ... now that I have wasted an hour and a half, I think it's time to go to bed...night all!!

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