Friday, October 9, 2009

OK...I Did It!! and other news!!

Yesterday was a flop in the exercise department. By the time I got everyone to bed it was 11 p.m. and I still had to do some sewing for That Kid before he had to leave for Tulsa this morning, so I didn't get to exercise. I was determined it was going to happen tonight, though. I managed to get everyone to sleep and settled by 10 p.m. and I was ready to go!!

I already had the WiiFit set up so all I had to do was turn it back on and go. I got right to it and did the Yoga, then moved onto Hula. At this point I was at 23 minutes on it and didn't really feel like doing Jillian tonight so....I kept doing different things on the WiiFit. I tried several new things; like boxing, strength exercises, balance games and I even RAN -- can you believe it??!! Of course, it's really running in place and it's mostly moving your arms and such, but I did RUN the short run!!

I did all 40 minutes on the WiiFit....and it was so FUN!! What I like about this new challenge that Lissa started was that we can do "whatever" as long as we are moving for 40 minutes. Now I know that 40 minutes is A LONG TIME, but when I am working out with the Wii and WiiFit it doesn't really seem like very long at that's what I call a good way to exercise!'s something weird. I'm already thinking about what I can do tomorrow night to exercise for my 40 minutes!! I think I have a sickness or something!!

On to other news...
I'm having a garage/moving sale next weekend to help clear out a lot of excess stuff we have. In about 5 weeks we are moving into a smaller place and we are not going to have room for most of the stuff we have. We are going to have to rent a storage unit to store a lot of sentimental stuff but we want to get the smallest unit we can. As I am preparing for this sale I am looking around and finding that we have ALOT of EXTRA STUFF around here! By nature I tend to be a packrat, but I think it has really gotten out of control. When we moved into this house nearly 6 years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and was unable to lift anything over 5 pounds. Needless to say, most everything just got thrown into boxes and packed, then moved to this house. Nothing got thrown out or given away. Once we got moved in, I was dealing with a high maintenace baby, who nursed pretty much ALL DAY LONG...Things are finally to the point where I can and have to purge...NOW EVERYTHING MUST GO!! If we don't use it's going to be SOLD!! We are praying for 1)great weather and 2) everything to be SOLD.

We have everything from a treadmill to an old "teacher's desk", old refrigerator and freezer to small kitchen appliances. We are selling some of our furniture that won't fit in the new place, too. We also have hockey gear that That Kid outgrew,as well as things a pre-teen and teenager would like but a almost 6 year old won't be interested in for years!! As you can tell we have a wide range of STUFF.

So if you live in the DFW area and need STUFF -- email me and I'll give you the details!! Friends and family get first dibs on everything!!

And if you aren't in the area...could you pray for the BEST SALE POSSIBLE?? We need this sale to be a major success!!

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